On writing my first novel

I am new to the author/writing world, yet not new in age. I published my first book, Cratch, based on a story that simmered in my mind for years. I am not sure if the genre (horror, science fiction, dark fantasy, dystopian world) niche picked me or I picked it. Perhaps the result is based on my own perception of the world injected by imagination.

Now working on another book, unrelated to the first, in a story where witches battle zombies. The setting is a small western Kansas town, plagued by consumption of an experimental seed gone bad. I’ve been to western Kansas to work, briefly, and encountered incredible and wonderful people, so the story doesn’t reflect their personas as much as it indicates how my imagination ran wild in a beautiful, windy landscape.

If you purchased my first book, I humbly request a review submission on Amazon.com. Your reading experience will help me perfect the craft from my current level of novice.

Thanks much.

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