Just published “Ariadne”, a dystopian novella, available on in softcover ($9.99) or eBook ($4.99). “Ariadne” is my 3rd book. I have been writing one-offs, that is, one story in novel or novella length. I may add sequels, but for now, I more enjoy starting and finishing a new character, plot, setting and struggle for the MC to discover, encounter, overcome, or not, and move on, or not.

Ariadne is a button hand, that is, an assassin, who exists in a future world where cultures and societies are governed by elites who control all resources and law implementations. Since I enjoy experimenting with language, I have written the story in a somewhat truncated version of American/British English. The story reflects such linguistic excursions.

The softcover is available now, but the publishing company I use can’t make the eBook available until December 15, 2020. Pre-orders can be requested on To find the novella on Amazon, go to the search screen for Books, then type in “Ariadne by Mike Gutowski”, or type in “books by Mike Gutowski”.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed creating it for those lovers of dystopian fiction. All the best.

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